Host a Great Lake Swimmers Home Show

Have you ever considered having one of your favourite acts over to your living room,
cottage, or back deck for a private concert? Maybe get a small group of friends,
neighbours and relatives together, have everyone to bring a few snacks and beverages,
and throw in some bucks to have an intimate musical experience, with say, a renowned
Canadian songwriter?

We’re trying something new. In the grand tradition of the traveling troubadour, Tony
Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers is testing out making himself available for small
gatherings in your living room, cottage, or backyard. Keeping it casual, he’d show up
with his guitar, play and sing some songs from across the eight-album, twenty-year
Great Lake Swimmers catalogue, tell a few stories about life on the road, hang out, eat
chips, and even entertain a cover song or two. How many Gordon Lightfoot songs does
Tony know how to play? This could be your chance to find out.

The fee would depend on a few different factors, like travel, timing, etc. with the hope
that it’d make sense for everyone and either line up with existing Great Lake Swimmers
tour dates, or fall on a timeline where the band is having some downtime and Tony is
free to roam. And if the timing or travel doesn’t exactly work out at the moment, maybe
there’d be a chance to connect down the road.

So in a nutshell: drop us a line if you’d like to connect and possibly have Tony over.
He’s a great guest, host and lake swimmer, and his particular variety of songwriting
travelling actually works really well in small, intimate gatherings. Above all, this unique
performance experience is a chance to create a space where people come together to
celebrate art, foster community, and ignite the spark of creativity in a cozy and inclusive

Fill out the form below to express your interest and get the conversation started.