Uncertain Country 


01 When The Storm Has Passed
02 Moonlight, Stay Above
03 I Tried To Reach You
04 Since January
05 Swimming Like Flying
06 On A Ship
07 Moonlight, Stay Above
08 Riverine
09 Quiet Before The Storm
10 Into It
11 Promise Of Spring
12 Think, Think
13 Respect For All Living Things
14 Flight Paths
15 Am I Floating In The Air

The Waves, The Wake


01 The Talking Wind
02 In a Certain Light
03 Alone but Not Alone
04 Falling Apart
05 Side Effects
06 The Real Work
07 Root Systems
08 Unmaking the Bed
09 Visions of a Different World
10 Holding Nothing Back
11 Mouth of Flames
12 The Open Sea

A Forest Of Arms


01 Something Like a Storm
02 Zero in the City
03 Shaking All Over
04 Don’t Leave Me Hanging
05 One More Charge at the Red Cape
06 I Was a Wayward Pastel Bay
07 A Bird Flew Inside the House
08 A Jukebox in a Desert of Snow
09 I Must Have Someone Else’s Blues
10 The Great Bear
11 With Every Departure
12 Expecting You

New Wild Everywhere cover
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Lyrics and liner notes

01 Think That You Might Be Wrong
02 New Wild Everywhere
03 The Great Exhale
04 The Knife
05 Changes with the Wind
06 Cornflower Blue
07 Easy Come Easy Go
08 Fields of Progeny
09 Ballad of a Fisherman’s Wife
10 Quiet Your Mind
11 Parkdale Blues
12 On the Water
13 Les Champs de progéniture

Deluxe CD also includes:

01 New Wild Everywhere (Acoustic)
02 The Great Exhale (Demo)
03 Easy Come Easy Go (Acoustic)
04 I Will Never See the Sun (TTC Version)
05 Something Heavy
06 What Was Going Through My Head
07 Changes with the Wind (Acoustic)

New Wild Everywhere:

Cornflower Blue:

Easy Come Easy Go:




01 Palmistry
02 Everything Is Moving So Fast
03 Pulling on a Line
04 Concrete Heart
05 She Comes to Me in Dreams
06 The Chorus in the Underground
07 Singer Castle Bells
08 Stealing Tomorrow
09 Still
10 New Light
11 River’s Edge
12 Unison Falling Into Harmony

Pulling On A Line:

Everything Is Moving So Fast:





01 Your Rocky Spine
02 Backstage with the Modern Dancers
03 Catcher Song
04 Changing Colours
05 There Is a Light
06 Put There by the Land
07 I Am Part of a Large Family
08 Where in the World Are You
09 Passenger Song
10 I Became Awake

Your Rocky Spine:

Changing Colours:

I Am Part Of A Large Family:




01 Song for the Angels
02 Lets Trade Skins
03 When It Flows
04 Various Stages
05 Bodies and Minds
06 To Leave It Behind
07 Falling Into the Sky
08 Imaginary Bars
09 I Saw You In the Wild
10 I Could Be Nothing
11 Long Into the Evening

Bodies and Minds:

Song For the Angels:

To Leave It Behind:


Great Lake Swimmers


01 Moving Pictures, Silent Films
02 The Man with No Skin
03 Moving, Shaking
04 Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour
05 I Will Never See the Sun
06 This Is Not Like Home
07 The Animals of the World
08 Faithful Night, Listening
09 Three Days at Sea (Three Lost Years)
10 Great Lake Swimmers

Moving Pictures Silent Films:

Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour:

I Will Never See the Sun: